A Top 6 for the ages

Friday, 8 March, 2024

Trevor Fitz - SEAM Coffee

Trevor presented a very well thought out set built around Blending. His coffee was a Mexican Geisha from Oaxaca, a blend of both washed and naturally processed cherries. For the milk course, he created a blend of three different milks, to achieve his desired flavour and texture profile with notes of Milo, whipped cream and vanilla. And for his signature course, he used a blend of industries bringing in both beer and mixology  to create an exciting and delicious beverage, applying beer industry protocol to his coffee, and mixology techniques to his presentation. 

"We need to branch out and find inspiration from other industries to keep moving forward."

Stevo Kuhn 

Stevo, the defending Champion, used his background as an educator to take the judges on a journey through things he has learned and wanted to share. Supported by Sasa Sestic and ONA Coffee, who roasted the coffees he presented, the 'OG' Green tip Panama geisha and in the growing movement towards exploring different species, an Malaysian grown Liberica produced by Jason Liew, which went through an extended fermentation process, which he used to great effect in his milk beverage, using 90% freeze distilled and10% coconut milk to achieve flavours of strawberry, caramel and chocolate covered raisins.

Harry Mole

Cool as a cucumber, Mr Mole, back in Finals since last competing in 2019, brought some power coffees to the stage in the form of two beautiful coffees from world renowned producer Inmaculada Farms in Colombia. His theme was built around Processing. The process of producing, with two uniquely processed coffees, the process of roasting such complex coffee and the process of serving and creating that the barista is tasked with, through his signature course.

Christiaan Jacobs

First time Finalist, Christiaan, is a natural born performer and his set was built around Connection. First the Baristas connection with the Producer, then their relationships with the roaster, in this case, Xander of Robin Chat Coffee, and then the connection with and responsibility to the consumer. The producer was Rodrigo Sanchez, an aerobic natural, sweetness of granadilla, bright sharp mango, raw cacao nibs.

Fanie Botes

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