Roaster Profile: Crypto Coffee

Friday, 10 May, 2024

In this interview with the Founders of Crypto Coffee, Arno, Jamie, Konrad and Ed, we get some insights into the business of blockchain and crypto trading fuelled by coffee!

How did you guys end up in coffee?

Arno: Thank you so much for having us! Our crypto and coffee journey started during the peak of the 2021 crypto bull run. At the time, the four of us were collaborating on a crypto project, which meant long hours, weekends and public holidays fuelled by an office coffee machine. The waterhole, where friendships were forged! It’s true what they say, coffee does bring people together.. but we say, Crypto unites them!

Tell us about Crypto Coffee…what is it and why is it different to anything else we’ve seen in this space before?

Arno: Better. Forever. Together. That's the essence of Crypto Coffee's vision. Our mission is simple: to continuously roast and brew coffee Better, to create blockchain based loyalty programs that replace stamp cards Forever, and ultimately, in doing so, seek to bring like-minded people Together.

For Coffee Lovers and Crypto Explorers. That’s what we’re all about. What we mean by that is that you don’t have to be a crypto expert to enjoy this coffee. We write regular articles and content that are designed to be fun, engaging, and educational – so as to inform rather than to influence. We do this because we wholeheartedly believe that blockchain technology is akin to what the internet was in the 90’s, and like then, the potential for this technology is limitless.   

Crypto currencies are a huge trend in this digital age… is this just a clever way to market your coffee brand or is there a Crypto currency component to it, and explain (in simplest terms!) what that is!

Jamie: I understand the scepticism, — thoughts of it being a Ponzi scheme or a scam might spring to mind! It's actually quite hilarious when you look at the reactions we get when showing up at events in our bright orange Crypto Coffee shirts. But, that initial shock value is intentional; grabbing attention is the first step towards changing perceptions.

So, how do we go about changing minds? Through education. We offer two main ways for people to learn: reading and doing. For those who prefer to read, we provide well-researched, engaging, and up-to-date articles on crypto tokens and developments within the broader blockchain ecosystem. It’s important to note, these are purely for educational purposes and not financial advice, as can be seen on the top of our Bitcoin Blend packaging! For the hands-on learners, we encourage a more “interactive” experience to really understand the ins and outs of cryptocurrency.

De-centralised banking and Blockchain tech is the foundation of crypto, as we understand it! How do these concepts play into your coffee model and who benefits?

Konrad: Our coffee brand integrates blockchain technology to create a seamless loyalty program. By leveraging's wallet service, we ensure that customers can participate without needing to manage or even understand blockchain wallets. For every purchase, customers will receive loyalty tokens directly to their wallets, which they can redeem for cryptocurrencies via on-chain contracts. This system simplifies the use of decentralized finance tools for everyday consumers and gives them real value in return for their loyalty. Additionally, we accept cryptocurrency as payment for Coffee and Coffee Equipment, further integrating the principles of decentralized banking into our business model. This approach will not only enhance the customer experience by offering more flexibility and rewards but also promotes the broader adoption of crypto technologies.

So, tell us, do you sell Crypto or Coffee?

Ed: It's quite interesting you brought that up! As Konrad mentioned, customers on our site have the flexibility to use over 10,000 different crypto tokens across 10 blockchains for purchasing only the best coffee machines, coffee equipment, and of course, coffee! While we allow for crypto payments, we do not actually sell any crypto. Having crypto payments was an absolute must, as it is directly in line with goal which is to build a stronger community of crypto enthusiasts in South Africa, and hopefully one day, have our own chain of coffee shops where like-minded people can get together to discuss their favourite trades, tokens and projects while enjoying a revolutionary cup of coffee!

Who roasts your coffee, what do you roast on and what is your favourite coffee at the moment?

Arno: We are fortunate enough to roast our own coffee on a Toper Cafemino 1kg Roaster. As for a favourite coffee. That’s easy. A memorable one.

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