Job creation through coffee business: Bootlegger Coffee Company focus

Friday, 19 April, 2024

This year Bootlegger Coffee Company celebrates 10 years of being in business and their growth has been incredible. Bootlegger is now one the most recognisable franchise coffee brands in the South African landscape.

Mayor and Premier Spark Excitement at Bootlegger's Ndabeni Facilities

While a lot of the South African economy is experiencing a very difficult period, coffee business is still one of the areas that remains steady and has even experienced some growth. The 'everyday luxury' of having a good cup of coffee in a beautiful setting is something everyone deserves and can achieve. And in a world that is now very used to the work-from-'home', co-working idea, franchises like Bootlegger offer comfort, familiarity and service with a smile.

Amazing to see how this dream has had an impact on so many humans through employment, over the last 10 years. To celebrate they invited Mayor Hill-Lewis and Premier Winde to have a peek behind the curtain and see where all the magic happens.

Mayor Hill-Lewis and Premier Winde Explore Coffee Machines with Bootlegger's Teboho Mosia

Mayor Hill-Lewis and Premier Winde visited Bootlegger's Roastery, Bakery, and Training facility at The Coffee Depot in Ndabeni today, showing support for local businesses and honouring the Maitland and Pinelands communities. 

Bootlegger’s Roastery is certified by the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC), and Bootlegger roasts approximately 300 tonnes of coffee per year.

Joined by Pieter Bloem, Antonie Basson, and De Waal Basson, Bootlegger's founders, and Schalk Burger Junior, former Springbok and co-landlord at The Coffee Depot, the officials praised Bootlegger's contribution to job creation and economic growth in the Western Cape.

Mayor Hill-Lewis and Premier Winde Tour Bootlegger with CEO Ricky Ruthenberg, Head of Roastery Tyron Bester, and Co-Founder Pieter Bloem

"We thank the community for their support and invite everyone to tour our Roastery," said Pieter Bloem.

Premier Winde highlighted Bootlegger's success, now employing over 1,249 people across the Western Cape and an additional 1,000 people across the rest of South Africa. "Bootlegger drives economic prosperity," he noted.

Mayor Hill-Lewis commended Bootlegger's achievement, stating, "It's inspiring to see a Cape Town brand achieve such success in just 10 years."

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