ASITD ME 2023: 48 east, Raditya Andaraga

Saturday, 21 October, 2023

Name of Roastery: 48 east 

Name of competing roaster: Raditya Andaraga

Question for roaster: How did you learn to roast coffee?

In the last 5 years I work with one of the best team and mentors ever had, starting my career as a barista. My curiosity about how to manipulate the taste and flavors in the cup brought me here. Glad that I can work and collaborate with many people who share the same love in this beautiful community. It helps me a lot to understand the art and science behind a cup of coffee.

And what drew you to roasting as a profession?

It’s the coffee people, being in this industry for around 10 years makes me realize that there are so many people who share the same passions and desires. To be a roaster gave me a wider opportunity to be more influential on the products so I could pour more ideas and passion for the coffee people and our customers.

In your opinion, is roasting more science or more art?

It's somewhere between rocket science and jazz music. It does need a full understanding about what you deal with in some physics rules. But there is always a place where you can put your personal touch and be as free as a bird in it. I love it.

Where are you located and can people come visit you?

We are in Salmiya region of Kuwait. We offer some different experiences about coffee with our wide variation of coffee collections, tools and machinery.

What makes your roastery stand out in a booming industry?

I always believe that to be a bit different is always better than to be a bit better. We always be who we are, and we are proud of what we do. We believe with our integrity, efforts and quality. We knew we couldn’t please everybody, so we stay true to our character.

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