World Coffee Champions Announced: Latte Art, Cevze/Ibrik, Roasters and Coffee in Good Spirits!

Monday, 1 July, 2024

Three eventful days of world competitions have wrapped in Copenhagen at the World Latte Art (WLAC), World Coffee in Good Spirits (WCIGS), Cezve/Ibrik (CIC) and World Coffee Roasting Champions (WCRC) , with competitors representing their Competition Bodies from all over the globe. Congratulations to our 2024 World Latte Art, World Coffee in Good Spirits, Cezve/Ibrik and World Coffee Roasting Champions.

All images courtesy of Specialty Coffee Association

Congratulations to the World Latte Art Champion: Yi-Chen Xie, representing Taiwan!

1. Yi-Chen Xie, Taiwan
2. Manuela Fensore, Italy
3. Guoqiang Liu, China
4. Dario Pieber, Switzerland
5. Sarawut Manngan, Thailand
6. Elly (Jiyu Lee), South Korea

Thank you to World Latte Art Sponsors Thermoplan, CLUB HOUSE, The Force Tamper, and Oatly.

The level at the Latte Art was amazing, even with all the competitors being thrown some curveballs in this season! 

Congratulations to the Cezve/Ibrik Champion: Jordan Tachnakian, representing France!

1. Jordan Tachnakian, France
2. Kevser Atmaca, Turkey
3. Ivan Bilousov, Ukraine
4. Emanuele Bernabei, Italy
5. Ply, Canada

Thank you to Cezve/Ibrik and to title sponsor Arzum Okka.

France took the title for the second year running! So they are certainly carving themselves a niche in this format of competition!

Congratulations to the World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion: Seung Chan Wi, representing South Korea!

1. Seung Chan Wi, South Korea
2. Sandro Roth, Switzerland
3. Andrea Villa, Italy
4. Yessylia Violin Angkasa, Indonesia
5. Sin Jay Kao, Taiwan
6. Chloe Lai, Hong Kong

Thank you to World Coffee in Good Spirits sponsors Femobook, Rocket Espresso, Kavalan Whisky, Brewista, and Scotsman Ice.

This competition is so much fun! And the service performance from all competitors was thoughtful and made the judges feel like they were in one of the best bars in the world!

Congratulations to the World Coffee Roasting Champion: 刘太阳 TaiYang Liu, representing China!

1. 刘太阳 TaiYang Liu, China

2. Mateusz Derkacz, Poland

3. Andrea Trevisan, Austria

4. 成磊 / Chenglei 刁/ Diao, China

Thank you to World Coffee Roasting Championship sponsors Stronghold, BRITA, InterAmerican Coffee Europe, Nucleus Coffee Tools, TREE FIELD, Lighttells, and KEF.

Full rankings will be available soon at and in case you missed it, catch up on competitor performances at the WCC YouTube Channel.

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