Coffee Collective - Copenhagen

Monday, 1 July, 2024

One of the coffee spots we had to visit was Coffee Collective at the famous Torvehallerne food market in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s the day after WOC Copenhagen, a Sunday, a little bit chilly with some thunder showers and we are crammed into the market space seeking warmth, shelter and delicious treats!

Torvehallerne food market is a foodie must-visit when in CPH!

We are 10 back in the Q, which snakes around the bar counter corner, people politely waiting their turn, as they do in Denmark, and keeping out of the way of the steady flow of people moving through the market, guided by their noses and the brightly displayed food and beverages on offer. Ever wondered where the term "Smorgasbord" comes from? Well, this is the Danish version of it

These are the famous Smørrebrød  - it's a gourmet meal on bread!

There are 5 baristas working the bar with two grinders, one espresso machine and a POS. Further down the bar there was a EK and a soft serve icecream machine! They probably served 100 coffees in the half hour we were there, and they were so calm at directing the traffic and keeping the waiting crowds engaged (and moving down the line!).  They answered all kinds of weird questions, from novices to some very tricky technical questions, all of which were politely and well answered, I might add!

I heard the barista saying with a smile to the customer in front “It’s a little busier than usual, we have had 12 000 coffee nerds from all over the world in the city these last few days!” And yet they handled the flow like true pros!

Coffee Collective - bringing the collective together!

Limited edition WOC sets and "meet the producer" initiatives on the go.

Coffee Collective have been pushing their Ethiopian collaboration this week over WOC with some exclusive tastings and “meet the Producer” series which has been fantastic to see.

We tasted the limited edition “WOC Set” which comprised an espresso and a cappuccino from AGA, a natural which was bursting with delicious dark fruits and a velvety mouthfeel.

The Coffee Collective WOC set. Yum!

If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, this is a must-visit destination.

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