Going Plant-based? Get some tips from the experts

Monday, 26 October, 2020

So the plant-based dairy alternative space has just completely blown up in the last couple of years and that has meant that existing brands have had to massively up their game and that new products coming into this market have to be of a seriously excellent quality or have incredibly large marketing budgets to stake a claim.

That is wonderful news for consumers, like you and I, because it means that the choices are abundant and the resources are endless. Just think about it, I would guess that less than 3 years ago, a dairy alternative was a rarity on coffee menus and now? Well, it's expected that they have at least one option. And, they taste really good!

Alpro, which has been around for much longer than most, has kept at the front of the pack by offering support to cafes and baristas and working on educating the public about how much fun and how sexy plant-based can be!

They've just launched a really useful website called Barista Unfiltered that has so many useful tips, how tos, videos and recipes all centred around making the move to plant-based with the help of expert baristas, like Merijn Gijsbers and Seulki Lee, from around the world. We really found it informative and we hope you do too! Ps. How great does that cascara fizz cocktail above look?! Just one of the recipes that can be found there.

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