Join Sevenoaks Trading for a Virtual Coffee Cupping on 06 Nov with Nicodemus Nabakwe!

Wednesday, 7 October, 2020

Sevenoaks Trading are hosting a virtual coffee cupping session on Friday 06 Nov and you are invited to join!

Nicodemus recently won the Coffee Magazine Award 2020 for "Dedication to Education" and he is such a knowledgeable and interesting person, so you are sure to not only learn a lot, but have a great time!

Virtual Zoom Cupping with Nicodemus

Date: Friday, 6th November 2020
Time: 11h00 to 12h30
RSVP by latest: Wednesday, 21st October 2020
Cost: R270

You can find out all the info here

Nicodemus was Head Judge of  Coffee magazine's "A Shot in the Dark" presented by Genio Roasters, and is a qualified Q Grader and all-round coffee legend!

You will need the following cupping supplies:
  • 4 x 200ml Cupping bowls / cups or glasses
  • Cupping spoons –  silver or stainless steel that can hold 10cubic cm of coffee
  • Type of Water – Clean with TDS (Total dissolved solids) of about 125-175ppm
  • Kettle / Pitcher for hot water
  • Timer – for timing coffee extraction (can also use your cell phone if you’re not using it to Zoom with)
  • Digital Scale to measure in increments of 0.1g up to 500g
What Sevenoaks will be sending you via courier:
  • Labelled roasted coffee samples that you will be needing to grind and cup with
  • Sample of the grind size
  • A copy of the SCA scoring sheet
Herewith please find a link to Nico’s demonstration of how to prepare your cupping table prior to the event.


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