New kids on the Block

Thursday, 3 July, 2014
We've heard rumours and rumblings of these little spots popping up around the country, we look forward to trying them out!

Have you been yet, can you recommend anywhere new for us to try? We want to know about it! Post it on the Discover Great Coffee Facebook page or email us, we are always looking for new coffee loving spots to share with the rest of South Africa!


Serving up some Origin Coffee with style, this is apparently an up and coming spot to watch.


Remo's Maximilliano Joburg

"As an ode to the grandeur of classic European motor racing, this double volume space encompasses a spectacular dining area, authentic Italian deli and an in-house artisanal bakery."

Sounds good to me! Not to mention they do coffee with Italian flair, will have to check it out when next up North!

Priest Espresso Bar
So Priest is actually an editing company. Why then do they have an espresso bar? Because they love coffee! They're serving Bean There coffee from a snazzy new Wega and the beautiful space happens to be designed by a very dear friend of mine, can't wait to see it!

Stereo Cafe Bloemfontein

James Kilbourn is roasting on a Genio Mezzo and lighting up the Bloemfontein coffee scene with freshly roasted beans and an awesome cafe to grab a cup while you stock up on beans for home.

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