Fuglen: An Oslo Institution

Tuesday, 24 June, 2014
Most of the places in Oslo have little to speak of in the way of attractive shop fronts, but they make up for it in the way the space is utilised inside.

Fuglen is no different. A simple red sign marks the entrance and a few tables and chairs line the windows of this thriving cafe on the side of a very busy street by Oslo standards.

But ah, step inside. Step into a world that was begun in 1963, decor that got stuck somewhere between the groovy decades of the 60's and 70's and coffee that has kept up with the times.

Taken over by a power design, coffee and cocktail team, the multiconcept space has experienced a renaissance, popular with both the up and coming and the people that have been visiting for decades. The cafes of Europe have become spaces of coffee by day and artisan alcohol by night. Fuglen's mantel is littered with both coffee and cocktail competition trophies. They value quality and you can taste it in the cup. So it's not all decor and beautiful appearances, there's substance here too.

The compact bar area, it works hard!

There arecoffees on offer to take home with you from the top roasteries in the city.

Cortado and espresso. Simply delicious.

Look at all those trophies lining the mantle! And retro braces to match the decor, very classy.

It is a long narrow space, but the interior makes use of every available inch. Outside is vibrant and people are chatting, inside the work faces are on.

Wine, beer, cocktails, coffee? You can even become part of the Fuglen Coffee Club.

A delightful space to explore, trinkets for days!

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