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Tuesday, 2 April, 2013
We tasked Judd Campbell with introducing us to his Top 10 regulars. Regulars is too impersonal though. These people are family and they call the cafe home. These are 14 (no one likes rules) of his favourites in no particular order...

By Judd Campbell
                                      Photos courtesy of Dori Moreno

name - grant trebble
profession - enviromentalist, loves the planet more than anyone i've ever met, used to head up wessa dammit this man's done alot for the earth and humble about it.
coffee - black americano wont touch milk, dairy, meat or any foods not in season now. the oke puts his money where his mouth is.

name - gary blair, we call him tony
profession - he owns samcom, so like if you need a big switch board set up at unilever for example you call him, he also has an awesome mountain bike that he wont let me use.
coffee - cappuccino everytime



name - sandy thomson
profession - decking and flooring, read, and going to the corner cafe
coffee - cappuccino or a rick coffee (its our little invention, vips only)

name - candice mooney
profession - she designs and makes kiff greeting cards for the likes of mr price etc
coffee - cappuccino

name - ruth smith
profession - mother of three and still finds the time to help run Global Electric (her hubbys business, best electrician in kzn)
coffee - cappuccinos and the odd white chocolate


name - robert dungan
profession - doctor
coffee - he only drinks cappuccinos. very fussy, if it aint perfect he will send it back, the problem is he knows what he is talking about.


name - patrick mooney
profession - owns and runs apex stowaways. so before the big ships leave our ports he sends on teams of jack russels and they search for stowaways...a strange profession indeed.
coffee - macchiatos


name - ant, kim and little anna morgan
profession - ant's an assistant pastor, kim is a children's worker (not sure what that is) and anna morgan doesnt do anything because she is like not even a 6months old.
coffee - cortado for ant, he is religious about it if you excuse the pun, and kim drinks white chococcinos by the truck load.


name - athos euripidou
profession - the guy is all over the place, owned clubs and restaurants, works with the city on big events and is very pro-durban & promotes the hell out of this town.
coffee - he drinks something that resembles half cappuccino half macchiato, basically its a double espresso with as much hot froth but the froth doesnt reach the top of the cup...fussy bugger, but we love him, he feels nothing to walk behind the counter and correct the barista.


name - guy & tash le meme
profession - guys financial advisor/spear fisherman and tash is beautician and is very good looking.
coffee - guy drinks only double espresso poured over ice with low fat milk and tash drinks the same or a skinny cappuccino

name - annie margret webber (hates being called margaret)
profession - physio at prince masheyni
coffee - mainly grandes but has the odd cappuccino

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