Cafe of the Week: Punch in the Mouth

Tuesday, 3 December, 2013
By Mel Winter

"Follow that Porshe!"

So Duke and Duchess is a little difficult to find, 'diagonal from the Porshe dealership' was what we were informed so when I spotted a Cayenne on the roads behind the Gateway outcrop we knew we were on the right track. We had heard about this motorcycle shop that holds a sneaky and delicious cafe called Punch in the Mouth from numerous different sources and after our deadline last week, we finally got a chance to visit.

Walking in to this space you are very aware that there are two things that are important to these guys, motorcycles (and all related motorcycle paraphernalia) and coffee. An excellent combination.

He's normally smiling, promise :)

Ernest is the coolest helicopter pilot, purveyor of vintage goods and barista, you are ever likely to meet. He was trained at Colombo, earned his stripes at Bean Green and has found his home here among the machines.

They couldn't have got just any old espresso machine here, a shiny red souped up La Marzocco sits proudly on the counter.

Ernest is pouring Colombo Coffee & Tea's Aggressive Chocolate blend with great success

And I can't finish this post without mentioning that one of the owners Kyle, has just bought an incredible chocolate brown (yes, chocolate brown) 70's Porshe. It is a thing of beauty. If you go visit, ask him to tell you the story. Classic.

Go take in the eye candy and have an epic coffee with Ernie at Shop 1, 42 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga (diagonlly opp. the Porshe dealership!).


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