Woolloomooloo vs Hair Bender

Thursday, 5 December, 2013
These are two very well known roasteries that have outposts in Brooklyn, New York. We are lucky enough to have these bags courtesy of Mr Charli Denison of Cultivar Coffee. Thank you, sir!

Toby's Estate is a very classy affair. And they obviously have a sense of humour to boot. With a name like the Woolloomooloo Blend how can you doubt their brilliance? Their packaging just made me super happy to be in this industry. These guys are having some fun!

And Stumptown Coffee Roasters made that video that we couldn't stop watching. They are just dedicated to making coffee the best gig in the world. The tattooed, coffee-pedalling members of the team just make you believe in rock n roll.

The coffees were each unique experiences to our palate. Probably one of the most difficult things to do is successfully blend coffees of different origin. These guys are obviously both pros.

We pulled some beautiful shots that resulted in excellent deep dark crema with a good dose of speckling. We had previously tested them both against one another using the AeroPress, where the Woolloomooloo was a clear winner, exhibiting a full bodied, meaty (think rare fillet steak) cup with a lingering leather and cigar finish. In the espresso cup though the Hair Bender shot through for the win with an acidity that cracked our tastebuds right open.

Below are our coffee porn shots of the experiment. What fun :)

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