Baristas Around the World: Meet Mubaraka Swaleh

Friday, 14 June, 2024

Growing up in Uganda and later moving to the United Arab Emirates, Mubaraka turned to skating and coffee as his main creative outlets. These passions have since become central to his identity, a way for him to navigate life, and the coffee cultural landscapes of Africa and the Middle East. 

I’ve come to know Mubaraka through social media. He beautifully documents his coffee and skating adventures; his social media presence is captivating. It’s an authentic blend of coffee and the thrill of skating. With each post, he not only shares these pursuits, he also inspires his followers to embrace adventure in their everyday lives.

Today, we are all able to get to know Mubaraka a little better, as he shares his favourite recipe and his journey into the artistry of coffee and skating. 

Coffee and Roller skating are two intertwined aspects of your life, both of which you’re known for on social media, how did you find yourself here ? 

My coffee journey started way back in my home country Uganda. I got inspired by my friend who was working in a certain restaurant, they had a coffee machine, he used to be a barista, and used to make a heart (latte art) on a cup of coffee, I was so excited to see him doing it. Before I used to think it was magic but later in life, I realized that it was talent and a skill you had to learn, that’s the beginning of how I got inspired. 

Do you find any similarities between the culture of coffee enthusiasts and skaters?

Both coffee and skating always gather people together so that’s why I love them both, because I always want to be associated with people and a community. 

Red Skate Coffee is a signature coffee you use in your videos, can you share the significance behind that ? 

So the opportunity came for me to travel from my country Uganda, abroad to the UAE. At first life was so hard but thank God I managed to succeed. Red Skate is a part of the reason why I managed, it’s a skating club in the UAE and a community I am a part of. I met the Red Skate team last year in August and the reason why I decided to create the brand into coffee is because most of the team members like coffee.

What’s your go-to brewing method and why? 

When I am brewing my coffee I like to use the ratio of 1:15. I use 15 grams of coffee and the yield will be 225g (15 multiple by 15). I always use my manual grinder, the Commandant, aV60 Hario Dripper, and my Fellow Kettle. I always make it like that because I just love it, it's part of my life. Ideally made with Uganda Chaza because it’s my favourite coffee.

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