We've got some coffee from our friends at Balloon Coffee Roasters to giveaway!

Monday, 28 November, 2022

Oh la la!

Hello Balloon Coffee Roasters! All the way from Zurich and finally having landed with us last week after getting lost by the not-so-trusty postal service, we have been digging in to these good-looking coffees.

We were devastated that these coffees didn't arrive in time for Creative Coffee Week, but have to say, they really made last week a lot brighter! Coen van Sprang and Patrizio Frigeri are the duo behind this Zurich based roastery and we love their vibe! We have been lucky enough to spend quite a lot of time with Coen over the years through coffee travel and his visits to SA so we were excited to support this, his latest adventure in coffee!

This morning the Ethiopian Chelchele, a washed process Heirloom varietal was giving us peak milk chocolate goodness and peachy sweetness. Yay! It actually tastes like what is printed on the bag! To be fair, neither of us picked up Lemongrass, but maybe the acidity has been slight dulled by the post roast date. We're still tweaking our brewing parameters, but on first sip, she belies her age and still brings the heat!

We can't wait to taste Peru El Eden!

Would you like to try it? All you have to do is email us with your most recent favourite coffee, what beans they were, who roasted them and what you tasted!

Best three stories win Balloon Coffee. Merry merry everybody!

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