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Friday, 18 November, 2022

Bringing smiles to dials is the okja mission and when I first saw their packaging I could not help but crack a big grin. They do an excellent job of making their products look so delicious! Whoever it was that tried to convince you that aesthetics aren't really important, they were lying. I freaking judge all the things I consume by their covers, coffee and wine peak among them.

Now, I'm not saying aesthetics are the most important thing, obviously, you've got to back that up with what's inside, but a good looking container is gonna put your customer in a good mood!

The single origin Nicaraguan beans are roasted medium dark specifically for espresso and to compliment the natural sweetness of the oat drink made with Italian Oats when steamed. And guess what? They achieved great success with this endeavour.

As an aside, I'm a sucker for a mini and damned if the tiny chocolate oat drink pictured below didn't grab my attention in the fridge at my local Spar. It too, was a win.

okja giveaway

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