Cafe Focus: Baard&Co, Durbanville

Friday, 11 November, 2022

We chatted to Ronel and Louis de Jager of Baard&Co, a stunning cafe in Durbanville that celebrates coffee and bread and does it with incredible style! These breads are truly art you can eat! And as Ronel says, "Coffee and bread brings people together!" We couldn't agree more.

Photo of the gorgeous counter and showstopping Sanremo espresso machine by The Pretty Blog

So your beautiful cafe is a Lockdown Baby :) Tell us about how it came to be and how you landed up at your historic location? 

We used to work from home and started baking Artistic Sourdoughs in thise hard lockdown months and out of that our Business grew. It was our 1 year birthday in October 2022!

We are an Independent Micro Coffee Roastery in 5 Pampoenkraal Lane, Durbanville , situated in a Heritage sight where the Original Farm of Durbanville was located and where the Oxen came to Drink water from the Natural Water Fountain. A friend, who Owns Bean Authentic helped us to find this Prime spot.

You can expect works of art like this in your feed if you give Baard&Co a follow!

Your breads are absolute works of art and have garnered a lot of media attention! You have translated that across your brand, tell us about the decor of the cafe? 

The Idea for the Café is pretty much a replica of our home and Inspired by a trip to a Boutique Hotel in Germany. It should feel as though you are visiting our home because the shop is an extension of our home.

Yes, it seems people are fascinated by our breads! Our love for sourdough and coffee landed us on South African TV show "Bravo" on Via as well as "Kwêla" who featured the opening of our shop. Our breads were also featured on the Minki Christmas show of 2021. Front cover of Sarie Food with Nataniël & Zola Nene as well on the inside as an insert.

Sarie Food also did an Article on our Story and how this Dream was born, thanks to Herman Lensing. Hannes Koegelenberg from Ideas Magazine had our Images as part of a bread article and our shop was painted with coffee by Artist Danielle Jordaan and that featured in another Ideas Magazine. Our Sourdough was in The Look Book, insert in House and Leisure as well as in the Platteland Magazine. We are extremely thankful. A lot of hard work and very little sleep, but you should never give up on your Dreams.

Whimsical surrounds fro a delicious fresh roasted coffee. Image by The Pretty Blog

Have you always had a passion for good coffee or did it come about with the advent of your bakery?

We only Roast Arabica Coffee and are Very Passionate about our Business. Louis has always had a Passion for good coffee and we first fell in love with a Micro Coffee Roastery many years ago on a trip to Louis' Birth place of Namibia. The coffee started before the Baking. The sourdough baking is a lovely addition to the coffee. 

Tell us about your backgrounds before Baard&Co.  Did they have anything to do with bread or coffee? We find that this industry attracts such a wonderful array of people!

Louis' background was in the Navy hence our "Diving" Logo and currently still working offshore in Saudi Arabia.  He has always had a passion for food and coffee. I studied to become a social worker, Graphic Web Design, and Fine Art.  Out of a need in lockdown and being naturally creative this little shop was born. I totally agree that this industry attracts a wonderful array of people. We feel this to be very true!

What would you like our readers to know about your cafe? What makes it special?

We hope that when you leave our cafe, you have had a taste of our wonderful coffee and that you feel loved when you leave. Our heart is for people and good coffee. Coffee and Bread brings people together. 

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