Unique ceramics made in Cape Town

Friday, 30 July, 2021

Mervyn Gers Ceramics, internationally renowned for their one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces and handmade dinnerware, remains on the cutting edge of art and design in their latest collaboration with Cape Town-based artist Richard Scott.

Says Mervyn Gers, founder and director: “We’re thrilled to be working with Richard Scott in creating a bespoke range. He has established himself both locally and internationally as an artist where ‘Naive meets Pop’. His art translates beautifully into ceramics, especially with the distinctive black lines in all his work. His subject matter includes the female figure, cats, cars, lighthouses, and planes, all done with an appealing simplicity.”

Gers continues that he has given Scott full access to their studio to get a feel for the medium and get his creative juices flowing. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with him and look forward to working on an extensive product line for years to come,” he adds.

According to Scott, it is a great honour to work with Mervyn and his team. “Collaborations are key to success. He’s a smart guy and shares his knowledge freely. That’s one of the lessons in life that elevates you. Shape, colour, texture, feel, and design are all things that come naturally to Mervyn. Leveraging each other’s brands and networks allow us to expand with one brand endorsing the other. It offers an easy access point into each other’s worlds.”

Gers continues that Scott’s initial range will consist of a set of four cappuccino cups, which can also be used for coffee or tea, with saucers. These will be followed shortly by a set of four espresso cups and saucers, a milk jug and sugar bowl. “Both the cappuccino and espresso cups will be limited edition, which will add to its exclusivity. The designs are fabulous, fun and quirky, and we hope the market will respond positively,” Gers explains. 

Scott immediately fell in love with the shape and style of Mervyn’s cappuccino and espresso cups. “Of course I’m also an ardent coffee drinker, so the dots were joined. The rest was easy. Just make it look Richard Scotty, right?  We decided on the colours and designs over a six-month period. At times it was spontaneous and at other, we deliberated for weeks on end. It was awesome to connect with Mervyn and let go,” says Scott.

An added bonus is that these products will be packed in hand painted boxes, which are artworks on their own. Scott clarifies that it all started back in 2011 when he sent a client a painting in New York. “He called and said it was more expensive to dispose of the crate in his city than to ship it. So from that day onward I paint on all my crates and packaging, thus killing three birds with one stone.  The client doesn’t need the expense of disposing of the packaging, gets to own another piece of my art and I get more exposure as the client becomes a disciple and spreads the story. He also doesn’t pay import duty for the extra art! Call that the fourth stone,” he adds with a smile.

Both Gers and Scott agree that if you want to make it out there, you have to be authentic and create your own identity. “Don’t be afraid of partnering with galleries and brands, do a course in business management and learn to say no,” adds Scott.

The range will be expanded to include small and large dinner plates, fruit platters and some bespoke hand painted items. “I’m opening up a TEST-STUDIO at the Woodstock Brewery and the products will be sold there. It’s all very exciting,” says Scott.

If you’re a fan of Gers and Scott, add to your ceramic collection with this exciting new range. “It’ll definitely spark some lively conversations at the dinner table. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Richard,” Gers concludes.

Internationally renowned for their one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces and handmade dinnerware, Mervyn Gers Ceramics pieces have found their way into South Africa’s top restaurants, game lodges, hotels as well as leading local and international retail outlets. Housed in a three-storey studio in Paarden Island, boasting 13 kilns and employing over 40 staff, Mervyn Gers Ceramics is a sustainable job creation success story. They create distinct products to complement décor and enhance brands. 

For more information, visit https://mervyngers.com, 4A Dorsetshire Street, Paarden Eiland 

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