New Kid on the Block: Clay Pigeon Trading

Tuesday, 17 September, 2019

17 Strand Street, Cape Town, 8001

Clay Pigeon Trading has spread its wings in Strand Street in a soon-to-be completed development of beautiful apartments. Ernest and Nicette, pictured above, had gotten married a few days before this picture was taken and the day after their wedding they opened their dream store.

The thread that runs through their entire operation is being Consciously Curated. From their choice of espresso machine, the new Sanremo F18 (what a beauty!!!), to their cups, to their relationship with the Rwandan coffee farmers who supply their beans, to their carefully thought out name. I wouldn't be able to do it justice, but find Ernest or Nicette when you're there and they will be more than happy to share their story.

We enjoyed a delicious cortado and a flat white out of these very cool cups. Everything about Clay Pigeon is designed to bring you back to your roots, your heritage and childhood memories. 

More than just the coffee, we got the full specialty treatment, in other words, we got time with the owners and baristas to really find out about the coffee, where it's farmed, how it's produced, the processing methods, and more importantly the impact that the direct trade and premiums paid by Clay Pigeon will have on those in the supply stream. 

If you care about coffee and want an exceptional specialty experience, go and visit immediately. 

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