Gadget Alert! This all in one nitro cold brew machine from Brewista looks AWESOME.

Friday, 3 November, 2017
Ok, so there has been a lot of buzz over the last couple of years about Nitro-infused coffee, but the barriers to entry were vast. Prepare cold brew. Find Nitrogen canister. Work out how much nitrogen to flush through prepared coffee. Keep cold enough during process. Shew.

Enter the Brewista Cold Pro Nitro™. No nitrogen tank necessary

Don't ask exactly how it works, all we care about is that it DOES work. It recently won best new product at the Portland Coffee Fest, so it must function as promised

"The Brewista® Cold Pro Nitro™ machine infuses your cold brew coffee with nitrogen and dispenses it without any additional tanks or components!

Simply supply cold brew coffee from any container or keg and the machine does the rest. Brewista’s Cold Pro Nitro™ filters nitrogen from atmospheric air so there is no need for a nitrogen tank! The compact design pumps the coffee from your container and then flash chills it before dispensing. The result is a beautiful cascading nitrogen infusion and a creamy mouth feel. The release of nitrogen gas brings out the natural aromas of your cold brewed coffee." 

So now the only barrier to entry is price! At $4000 it may be a bit out of reach.

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