Interview: Earthen Coffee Roastery

Friday, 11 August, 2017
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How did you get into the baking and coffee business? Tell us a little bit about your journey.

For us processing and making coffee is not a job, it is a way of living,of doing what we really love. We always had a passion for coffee.The tipping point came in 2012 around a camp fire, when hand roasted coffee was offered to us from a pan.Bitter ,strong ,a bit rough but full of freshness and flavor. This cup inspired us to learn more about coffee and become involved in the alchemy behind the bean.The desire to learn more and more has continued.
As for breakfast there is no way better than starting the day with in-house baked naturally leavened sourdough bread on a “Horizon" breakfast with 2 poached eggs.

What roaster do you have?
Has Garanti drum roaster- Our beloved " ROOSTER"

What is your favourite coffee at the moment?

There is no favourite. It is about how we feel at the moment. Each coffee is unique in its experience and extraction. The “Earthen" houseblend with its velvet mouthfeel,complex, earthy, rich with smooth chocolate expression is remarkable. We love the Sipi RFA Uganda con panna.
Each day we awakened to a new flavour - a never ending taste exploration inspired and passionate about what we do.

What have you learned about people’s coffee drinking habits through running this business?

People have a desire to learn.Their natural habit without tasting is to initially use sugar.When they taste good coffee they are surprised by its natural sweetness.

What has been your biggest challenge?
To teach people how to prepare coffee correctly. Using traditional values with modern technology continually learning about each coffee beans character and do each bean the true justice that it deserves. Not to get totally consumed in the journey and maintain balance.

Give us 5 adjectives that perfectly describe Earthen.

a lifestyle

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