Coffee Lab and the beautiful Faema

Tuesday, 26 April, 2016
On the road to Lanseria Airport there is a rather amazing outpost of all things delicious. Culinary Equipment Company has pulled out all the stops to make this, excuse the pun, a culinary destination.

There's a restaurant, a deli, a full garden growing beautiful fresh produce for their kitchen, a store to buy anything you can dream up for your home and you know, if you want to start your own coffee shop, they have everything for that too including a range of espresso machines including the gorgeous Faema brand.

For us, the most exciting bit of this robust business was of course The Coffee Lab. They have a beautiful roaster and retail their coffee blends from the Culinary store. There's also a vintage Faema E61 on their counter, too beautiful.

On a Saturday morning they open the Coffee Lab to the public (you can get a coffee every other day of the week from the restaurant) and the Dutchmann (which also resides in this impressive building) shows off their stunning vintage cars. So you get to ogle at majestic Faema espresso machines, taste their freshly roasted beans and dream about driving around in your very own Porsche. Apparently it is extremely popular with the cycling crew so expect a vibe!

All class. Not too shabby a location for an espresso on a Saturday morning. Photo courtesy of Dutchmann FB

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