First Look: Lineage Cafe at Watercrest Mall

Friday, 15 May, 2015
Stop, collaborate and listen! Craig Charity has a new coffee bar and it will make your mall going experience 1 million times better. You can see the reasons below:

1. You get to feast your eyes on this glorious customised La Marzocco GB5. Wesley Van Eeden, local artist, sprayed the panels of this fantastic machine and the result is a work of art (which is what you can expect from each shot of espresso that is pulled from this machine).

2. You also have the option of trying a slow brewed pour over (Try the Kenyan Ndugu PB, just our favourite at the moment!)

3. You will more than likely see this crazy face and learn something new about coffee when you talk to this crazy face. Hello Craig Charity!

4. You will see this supremely talented human and he will make you one of the best coffees of your life. Hats off to Musa!

5. You can take a bag of deliciousness home with you, now packaged in these nifty craft bags with a resealable top for optimal freshness.

6. You can see a tiny coffee plant growing in a Hario V60, and in the middle of a shopping mall, it will transport you to an equatorial coffee farm, or at the very least it will make you smile :)

And those are just a few reasons to make your way over to Lineage Cafe for some coffee. You can find it on the top floor of Watercrest Mall, easiest access is from the Woolies entrance, it's just outside the @Home store.

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