There is no X in Espresso Roadshow: The KZN Leg

Monday, 17 February, 2014
This man is coming at you with 7 different kinds of coffee smoke! He's learning as he goes, having just competed in the AFCA champs, which was a whole other ball game, so if you want tips on how to improve the coffee you're producing everyday, whether you're a cafe owner, aspiring barista champ or home espresso afficionado, Thursday 20th February, is your day to get involved.


National Barista Champion Craig Charity is on a mission to use his position as Number One Barista to educate and inspire as many aspiring young baristas and fledgling coffee shop owners as possible and remind the industry leaders that growing the country's coffee culture and getting our baristas to feature on the world stage requires collaboration and community. We all love coffee, let's make it our goal to bring the World Title to South Africa!

We invite you to be part of an evening with him at Colombo Coffee&Tea on 20th February 2014 (That's this Thursday night!).

Entrance is free but the information is priceless. Coffee shop owners, send your baristas to learn all about the SCASA Competitions and to learn tips about making the best possible cup of coffee everyday with advice on everything from keeping your equipment in perfect working order to dialling in your grinder, modifications that will make enable you to produce better coffee and speak about how to get the best out of your current setup. Baristas, see what it takes to get to the top.

There will be giveaways and prizes from various suppliers.

Time: 6:30 for 7pm
Snacks and drinks will be provided. Coffee supplied by our hosts.

Please RSVP to All are welcome, don't miss this opportunity!

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