Product watch: The Linea Mini reaches SA!

Wednesday, 6 May, 2015
A couple weeks back we introduced you to the Linea Mini from La Marzocco Home and we were lucky enough to see it launch at SCAA in Seattle at their beautiful stand (See below).

It won an SCAA Event Award for People's Choice New Equipment (Consumer). And how could you not fall in love with it? Wouldn't that just look spectacular on any kitchen counter? And with so many user-friendly features to ensure delightful (and good looking) coffee making!

The Mini things matter
Geek out on the details that make great espresso.

Brew paddle: Brew paddle activation with programmed pre-infusion creates delicious consistency from shot to shot.
Powerful steam: Steam while you brew with a dedicated steam boiler. It takes milk from zero to hero in seconds.
Barista lights: With built-in barista lights, the drip tray becomes the stage where your espresso is the star. #nofilter
Temp adjustment: The stepped wheel temperature adjustment lets you optimize each espresso you brew.

Now the first of it's kind has reached SA's sunny shores, and it is a gorgeous red number!

We were so pleased to see a focus on the home espresso drinker at SCAA (The single group Slayer, also caught our eye...), these machines may cost a pretty penny but it just shows that the home sector is growing astronomically. We have so much to look forward to! The price on this bad boy is still up in the air but will probably be landing around the R40 000 mark, so start saving home barista geeks!

The team at Koldserve were very happy to unpack this bad boy!

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