Introducing the LaMarzocco Linea Mini

Wednesday, 25 March, 2015
Oh la la! Hello there Linea Mini, aren't you sassy! The Linea Classic has long been seen as an unbeatable make-espressos-til-the-cows-come-home, trustworthy piece of cafe equipment, but now with the introduction of the Mini, you can aspire to own one at home. Sprudge provides a great first look at this "Born From a Classic" new addition to the La Marzocco family.

La Marzocco recently launched a new branch of their business focusing solely on home baristas using their equipment at home, so they have obviously identified that the home barista market is exploding! This portal looks extremely hardworking and is aimed at optimising your home espresso experience, so cool (in a coffee geek sort of way)!

How long will you have to save to get one of these babies on your counter top? Well the US price is sitting pretty at $4495, so with our dismal ZAR that might take it out of the league of most home baristas but we'll have to see what the local distributors come up with!

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