Detour Espresso

Thursday, 19 March, 2015
I dropped the cellphone that was leading us via Google Maps round to the Republic of Hout Bay.

"Pull over, let me just get it from under the seat!"

We pulled off the picturesque winding road between Camps Bay and Llundudno to retrieve the device and across the road we spotted a trailer and in that trailer, their was an espresso machine and in front of that trailer was a dude with a cowboy hat and a bleach blonde straggly hair. Detour Espresso was this trailer's name.

So of course we crossed the road and felt instantly like we had all the time in the world. Here you can grab a seat on the edge of the ocean and forget that you were in the middle of a drive to anywhere important.

"It's not rocket science, if you've got good beans, a clean machine and some basic skills you can make a good cup." Marck says. Well, that location doesn't hurt either!

Marck, the owner and barista, is generally open from Monday to Friday from 7am to 11am (but maybe not), and he serves pretty damn delicious cup of Caturra coffee. He encourages you to stay and sip your coffee from one of his cups to take a moment to enjoy as well as discouraging people from using take away cups, quite vehemently, although he runs a recycling program if you insist, as one cyclist found out.

Shew we were more than a little romanced by the idea of working 4 hours a day and surfing the rest. Simplicity at it's most beautiful! Nice one Marck! We'll be sure to pull over next time too, a very worthwhile Detour from the day!


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