Lineage Coffee

Monday, 15 July, 2013
So our favourite espresso machine junkie, Craig Charity, is now not only fixing other peoples machines, he's also pulling glorious shots of espresso at the new premises of Stretta in Hillcrest at The Colony. His eventual plan (which will be rolling out in 4 months time) is to set up a one stop espresso machine shop under his brand, Lineage Coffee. But first things first: get them addicted to his freshly roasted beans.

We walked in to a packed house. It was a Tuesday lunch time, so being asked if you have a booking is not bad going, well done Stretta! They have built up a loyal following from their beginnings at the Heritage Market and now at their new premises they join forces with one Craig Charity to take their coffee to new heights. We devoured the chicken liver starter and a simply outstanding Rustica pizza (I'm dying to know their marinated mushroom recipe!) and then we raised a lot of eyebrows as Craig proceeded to make us every coffee beverage on the menu. Espresso, cortado, flat white, cappuccino, repeat espresso. He was just showing off really, not that we minded though, what a treat! A Colombian La Claudina treat to be precise, that was best enjoyed straight up.

We will certainly be back.

The venue: Stretta Cafe, new premises designed by Kevin Boyd

  The Pizza Oven: Fantastic pizzas are just a wood-firing away! Try the Rustica - mindblowing!

The Man: Craig Charity making liquid magic

The Machine: The stunning La Marzocco Strada, oh la la!

The Joker: The man is serious about coffee, but not much else, cheesy grin for the win!

The Menu: Lineage Coffee served at Stretta Cafe

The Coffee: Colombian La Claudina freshly roasted on his refurbed Diedrich IR-7

Hillcrest, you are a very lucky town. Lineage Coffee raises the coffee bar beautifully.

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