Discover Great Coffee: Drop 2

Tuesday, 6 August, 2013

If you haven't heard about this amazing coffee experience that gets delivered direct to your door, then where have you been hiding? The Discover Great Coffee Club offers you an incredible opportunity to taste coffees from 6 different roasteries around South Africa at an unbeatable price for a coffee trek through Mzansi, perfect for the home barista who likes to experiment, or to make the office a happier place and it makes an unbelievable gift! Buy it NOW for only R400 including delivery or an annual subscription for R1600!

In the Northern reaches of our fair country, our capital city offers up a single origin Ethiopian Sidamo from Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roasters, which has complex citrus, candy apple and chocolate notes. This Sidamo is a personal favorite single Origin coffee from the Team at Aroma. 

As we travel South along the Gold Route to Egoli, Jozi, that concrete jungle, we unearth a Malawian Satemwa single origin bean from Doubleshot. The beans hail directly from Alex’s estate in Satemwa, Malawi, and this reserve lot is exclusive to Doubleshot. It remains a firm favourite with locals and is the backbone of Doubeshots offerings.

To the East Coast and the oldest roastery in Durban, we bring you the Aggressive Chocolate Blend from Colombo Coffee & Tea, as the name suggests, one can expect Cacao nibs, floral-sweet vanilla & cinnamon notes from the Sul De Minas, La Varsovia and Yirgacheffe combination. Kyle Fraser and his team at Colombo Coffee & Tea have created an iconic blend, which as is well marketed as it is delicious.

Inland then to a bastion of education and culture, Grahamstown nestled in a valley in the Eastern Cape, home to the National Arts Festival and Rhodes University, as well as Homeground Coffee Roasters, and we are lucky enough to introduce you to their Homeground African Signature Blend, which according to its roasters has a whole lot of soul and is Grahamstown's answer to top quality Specialty coffee.

It's off to the picturesque Garden Route we take you next, landing first at Rouviere's Coffee Roasters. Husband and wife team, Moller and Lize de la Rouviere endorse this coffee, the Rouviere's Premium blend, which is made up with India’s flagship Mysore Nuggets, folded into organic Honduras, Ethiopian Limu and a touch of Columbian. Sounds like an exotic combination!

A little further West and we arrive at Baruch's Coffee Roastery in Mossel Bay. Arahon Baruch uses 100% Arabica beans and has been roasting for over 10 years.The description of this coffee from the man himself: " In the Espresso Gold we get south American beans from Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil. I roast these beans with our drum roaster to a secret spot between dark and medium - a full city roast". We know you want to discover the secret spot!

You get this trek through the hills of SA for only R400! Buy it here now and it will be with you early September delivered straight to your door. Or get really smart and order for a whole year, that way your coffee adventure never ends...

Want to find out where all these roasteries are located? Download the Discover Great Coffee App NOW! iTunes or Android: It's FREE and it will get you to the best coffee wherever you are.

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