From green beans to cup in one machine?!

Tuesday, 10 December, 2013
Hans the 'Vision Booster', Felix the 'Movement Co-ordinator', Jergus the 'German Engineer' and Natalie the 'Happiness Manager' are officially my new favourite Germans. They have raised a lot of moola to bring this project to reality using a platform called Kickstarter. There are apparently a lot of people who are really keen to get roasting at home!

It's an interesting concept. It would also be interesting to look a little deeper into how they intend to smuggle the green beans out the countries of origin without all the rules that are normally in place. I imagine that would be a fun swindle to be part of!

Whatever the actual mechanics of it, the Bonaverde Coffee Changers have reached their goal (over $650 000!!!) and so I guess production is set to begin. We will do our utmost to get our hands on one, when they eventually become a reality! There are many people who believe the beans need to rest after roasting to get the full flavour, but we've always believed that coffee is about preference and if there are this many people willing to pledge money to try this out, then there are definitely a number of people that prefer their beans fresh out the roaster.

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