La Cimbali M100 at Strictly Coffee

Wednesday, 13 August, 2014
We heard through the coffee-vine, that a South African first is happening this week. Strictly Coffee a roastery located in Robertson debuts the La Cimbali M100 today for the very first time in the country. Nexus technician (the SA company that brings in La Cimbali espresso machines), Alex, had to travel to Italy for training on this amazing machines.

We asked Hanno Schwartz of Strictly Coffee what all the fuss is about.

"We're very excited about our new machine which was installed yesterday. La Cimbali did walk away with top honours late last year at the SCAE World of Coffee for best coffee related product/machine for the M100. It is new technology which allows for programmable electronic profiling of different coffees on each of the groupheads."

So for a roastery that produces many single origin beans, that is ideal! 3 different beans, 3 different brewing profiles, no problem for this intelligent beast.

The video below is quite technical but well worth the watch if the coffee geek in you needs some new technology to chew on. It also features one of our favourite Italians, Francesco Sanapo.

So head on over to Strictly Coffee to see it for yourself and get a coffee, or three, from this incredible machine! It appears that the team at Strictly Coffee are more than a little enamoured with this sultry La Cimbali masterpiece...

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