Cafe of the Week: Coffee Tree

Friday, 21 February, 2014
The wind whistled (read: PUMPED) through the leafy suburb of Glenwood on a muggy day in Durban and the little tweets of birds (technological and literal) carried the news of a new cafe on the block.

Coffee Tree.

A delightful little nook on the corner of Cato and Alan Paton Roads, Judd Campbell and Cristina Fellner of Corner Cafe have embarked on a new challenge just around the corner from the original.

The idea: All vegetarian foodie treats, all Kenyan coffee and all sorts of love for the planet. A militantly green cafe.

Don't be alarmed if Judd's happy mug is the first thing you see...

Because these guys, the awesome barista David and the lovely Cristina, are waiting for you inside...

This is not a badly carved map of Australia. It is  a menu board people. Judd helping himself to the Dew Water dispenser for a glass of cool refreshment.

Scrumptious poached egg and pesto sarmie with a kick of chilli.

Right on!

Pasteis de nata and an everything (except deliciousness) free blueberry cheescake.

And lest we forget the coffee, I finished it too quickly to snap a picture but the team have chosen to go with a single origin bean from Kenya sourced by Colombo Coffee and Tea which just bursts with flavour as explained by Maxine of Colombo

"The profile of the Kenya AB+ bursts wide open as the cup temp dips and flavors of red grapefruit, lemon, white grape juice, kiwi, and much much more flesh out the cup profile. This is definitely a complex profile, but one that is well defined, with an array of easily perceptible flavors. The acidity reverberates and with the intensity of sweet citrus juice."

Our advice? Go visit immediately.

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