Grinder Technology explained by an expert: The Mythos II

Friday, 26 October, 2018

On the counter at Thirdspace in Fourways JHB, photo courtesy of Thirdspace.

We chatted to Alessandro Morrico of Morrico Imports about the grinder that many in the coffee community hail as one of the best out there!

What are the key feature additions to this version of the Mythos?

MYTHOS II is designed for speciality coffee and cafes alike with maximum parameters to allow roaster and baristas to get the “best” out of their coffees.

Major key features are:

- Larger Titanium blade diameter of 85mm 

- Variable speeds on motor 

- Touch screen - ( as well as small chalk board in front to let customers know what beans and served - very on trend!)

- Variable temperature settings. 

- Gravitech technology and Weight programming to ensure consistency. 

What technical innovations set the Mythos II apart from its predecessor?

New larger blades allow for best management of the grinding  process-

-The longer cutting blade creates maximum surface area of extraction 

-Longer life / higher volumes are made easier

-Maximum consistencies on extractions during various times of service in a cafe or restaurant

What can cafe owners expect from this machine?

Absolute parameters of choice - recipes will now be best managed via all the new variable options. Such as:

- Setting lower or higher temperatures to best suit the coffee -

- Variable speeds to best manage the coarseness for extraction and flavors of the coffee with zero residue.

-Gravitech , now allows for the use of a hands- free scale system , which allows for perfect yield recipe- no need for extra scales and time wasting steps during service. 

- Silent motor for quite service , as well as allowing better communication and interaction between customer and Barista.

How does this grinder effect the end cup that our readers will be drinking?

The effect  is an obvious perfection of the extraction I.e. the coffee will be a cleaner cup , more consistent , sweeter as well as showcasing the complexity of the bean and roast profile and extraction. Readers will notice and taste the difference and will also notice the consistency. The Baristas will notice for sure the ease of use the reliability as well as performance and versatility of the machine. 

Any other comments/interesting facts our readers would know?

The Mythos I - clima pro , was designed by barista champions ( Fritz Storm , Gwylim Davies , Colin Harmon and James Hoffman)  asking for a better, easier  and more consistent Grinder solution which would offer a more consistent method of grinding to showcase their coffees.

The MYTHOS II has once again been revised by Baristas champions to further use more recent technology and add many more parameters to best achieve very much the same result,  just BETTER with systems that make the coffees sweeter, protect the flavours , will showcase complexity and flavour profiles as well as offer versatility to all types of coffees and Roast profiles and methods of extraction . 

I think It will be very  interesting to know , that each parameter of settings on the MYTHOS II is enough to considerably alter the final flavour of the coffee in the cup and each parameter  will add quality to the cup. If you consider all the parameters available, the solutions are endless. 

For sure, some VERY EXCITING COFFEE TIMES AHEAD for Baristas and readers. 

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