Green Coffee Academy events at the IMA Coffee Lab - March 2023

Friday, 17 March, 2023

The first Green Coffee Academy: an all-round training course on green coffee specifically targeted at coffee professionals. An experiential journey that started off in the plantations of Honduras and end in the research facilities of IMA Coffee Lab, located at the IMA Petroncini production site.

Origin of the project

The project stems from the need to investigate the origins of green coffee in order to better understand its botanical species and varieties, harvesting and processing techniques, and clarify which possible green coffee defects are original faults and which ones are acquired during progress through the supply chain.

The goal of this full immersion initiative will be to improve knowledge of the raw materials and the supply chain - from the growing countries all the way to the roasting plants - in order to identify the virtuous dynamics that help obtain a quality drink by eliminating waste and any defects that might become apparent when coffee is in the roasting phase and especially in the cup; another goal is to make product processing more efficient by using low energy impact technologies. In-depth knowledge of the product and of the technologies necessary to correctly process raw materials give supply chain players the right tools to be able to implement corporate social responsibility projects.

The fist appointment of the Green Coffee Academy, the "Coffee Camp Honduras 2023" training campus, based in Las Capucas, Honduras, in the Finca Rio Colorado plantation, has just ended.

The Campus, organised and coordinated by in conjunction with the Las Capucas COCAFCAL growers cooperative and Umami Area Honduras, included a trip to visit the coffee plantations of Las Capucas and Francisco Villeda growers. The next Campus is foreseen on November, 2023, stay up-to-date to know more and secure your trip.

Two IMA Coffee Lab events are scheduled for the end of March.

March 29th:Green Coffee Skills Course

One day of qualifying training at the IMA Coffee Lab green coffee reception and cleaning facility. By signing in for the training day following the SCA Coffee Skills Program, each participant will be able to discover key aspects of green coffee including production, processing, classification, shipping, storage, arrival at destination, as well as coffee portfolio management and contracts. At the end of the day, participants will be able to obtain an SCA Green Coffee Skills certification, for Foundation and Intermediate levels. The training will be delivered by a team of SCA authorised experts and trainers from IMA Coffee and

March 30th:ACADEMY Open DAY – Green Coffee Processing Systems

The final stage of the Green Coffee Academy will be the Academy Day, a day of sharing and training attended by insiders, which includes a program packed full with papers and workshops on green coffee, with the participation of coffee experts, roasters and international producers. During the day, it will be possible to see the Coffee Lab's green coffee processing plant in operation, including basic cleaning technologies and optical-colour sorting that will be processing up to 2 tons of Ethiopian Djimma Natural, a dry processed arabica. Highly energy-efficient handling and dosing systems, designed to guarantee top hygienic design standards with minimal maintenance requirements, will be presented along with plant management and product traceability systems. Cupping sessions and comparative roasting tests will be carried out according to the modular and traditional method. Participants will also have the opportunity to get to know green coffee dealers and test the best batches exclusively.

The number of participants is limited.

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