Seam Coffee has big plans and they're all good for coffee in South Africa

Thursday, 9 March, 2023

You know that we're getting to a mature place in our coffee industry when mergers are happening! And the merger between Seam Coffee and Beethoven Coffee is certainly one that makes sense. That's right, soon two will become one and it's kind of a perfect match up. 

From left to right - SEAM Coffee and Friends: Brandon-Roy Unsworth, Karthick Angalaban (Muraho Trading), Chris Strydom, Claire Strydom, Jessie May Peters (Raw Material), Rob Stein (Loring Roasters), David Walstra, Michael de Renouard (Loring Roasters)

Apart from the news of two coffee companies committed to excellence joining forces, there were also lots of other exciting developments. International companies Raw Material and Loring Roasters are also making moves into the market and they are excited!

Jessie May Peters of Raw Material and Karthick Angalaban of Muraho Trading spoke to the attendees about green coffee production in Mexico, Rwanda and Burundi, providing incredible insight into these regions, with the future looking bright to having a wide range of coffees from these companies available to our local roasteries. 

Jessie May Peters on why you should be drinking more Mexican coffee.

Karthick Angalaban of Muraho Trading giving us some insight into Rwandan coffee.

Michael de Renouard and Rob Stein were there representing Loring and giving the attendees insight into just how this impressive piece of equipment operates. Built with sustainability and environment in mind, it's a fully automated and wild coffee roasting ride, that is very aspirational for our young market and we're excited to see more and more being snapped up by local roasters. Congrats on being the first, SEAM!

David Walstra partnering with Nampak has developed a South African made range of coffee packaging that is both recyclable and low impact and will soon be available to all. David's philosophy is very open source and he has worked hard to make these products easily accessible. It was very exciting to hear about these developments and it has obviously been quite a journey, with an emotional David thanking the team from Nampak for supporting the idea.

The day was also supported by local legends, Red Espresso, More Flavour, Henlo Coffee and Krabbefontein Coffee, so much talent and passion in one space!!!

Pete Ethelston and Kirsty Reid of Red Espresso

Congratulations David and the whole SEAM Coffee team for an excellent day of exciting revelations and knowledge sharing. Love that there are so many events to lok forward to this year!

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