WBC2015: Day 1 HIghlights!

Friday, 10 April, 2015
Watch live here:

The ever-cool and charming Stefanos Paterakis from Greece was first up and set an amazingly high bar.

These are Soren, the Danish Champion's, good luck charms from his son, sitting atop the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle.

Natalia Piotrowska, from 3FE in Dublin, representing Ireland.

Last year's Top 6 WBC finalist from the UK,
Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, talking the Judges language.

Addison Dale from Christchurch, New Zealand

  Alexander Hansen from Norway

Kalle Freese from Finland


Homeground advantage for Charles Babinski

The man who took Hide Izaki's (the current WBC Champ) Japanese title, is certainly one to watch! Just look at this set up below!

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