A Shot in the Dark 2021: A Champion emerges!

Wednesday, 22 September, 2021

The floating trophies for "A Shot in the Dark" presented by Genio Roasters.

There was a palpable tension in the air after lunch. Of the TOP 10 Finalists in A Shot in the Dark 2021, 8 were present at Creative Coffee Week held in Durban, South Africa. Most were nervously chatting, some were pacing in the parking lot, one or two sought relief in the comfy armchairs in the lounge, waiting for the announcement. Down to the final three roasters. 

Rory Lambson of The Blacksheep Coffee Co, steps up to receive 3rd place.

"Stop drawing it out!" someone yelled as I paused my finger over the button that would bring up the names on screen, and the room laughed. Anyone who's seen a finals announcement knows there's a deathly pause before the announcement... 

"In second place is.... Trevor Fitz, .....which means your winner is Frederik Dreyer from.... Gegrond!  

The room erupted, and it took a good while for Frederik to get from his seat in the middle of the hall through the throng and to the stage. Trevor was waiting patiently on Zoom, and was very gracious in accepting the runner up position, but it was a beaming Frederik who took the top honours.

ASITD Winner 2021: Frederik Dreyer, Gegrond, accepts the winners trophy from Neil Maree, Genio Roasters.  

"It was a world class competition" said Trevor, once the pandemonium had subsided. "I'm really happy to be in the Top 3. The green bean quality was phenomenal, to have consisten water across the country and to have such great judges made it so worthwhile"

"It's such an honour to have this"  said the champ, Frederik, when he eventually found his voice and joined us on stage, clutching the trophy.  "I can't believe we made this  spot. I have to thank my team for everything that they have done." 

Top 10 Results

1. Gegrond - Frederik Dreyer

2. Beethoven Coffee Company - Trevor Fitz

3. The Black Sheep Coffee Company - Rory Lambson

4. Toro - Ettienne Broodryk

5. Infood Coffee Roastery - Percy Chikwira

6. Cuppa Coffee - Marthinus Greyling

7. Scuro Coffee Crafts - Dwain Fiorita

8. Tribe Coffee Roasting - The whole Team

9. Favour&Grace - Werner Gous

10. Home Roaster (started Exhale Coffee Roasters during the competition) - Jacques Strydom 

Watch the Announcement here:

Thank you to all the incredible Sponsors of A Shot in the Dark 2021. You guys absolutely ROCK. That's a wrap for A Shot in the Dark 2021.

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