Cafe Focus: FOND Boutique Eatery

Friday, 7 June, 2024

by Ayanda Dlamini 

In light of keeping cosy and warm this winter, a genuine method to get me up in the mornings is by thinking about the cup of coffee I’m going to have. The perfect cup that’ll defrost me in the most satisfying way. 

On an early Tuesday Morning, I found refuge from the icy morning at FOND Boutique Eatery. This cafe is located within Farm Table - Nature’s Grocer. What a beautiful duo, the two symbiotically align in ethos so perfectly. Both are dedicated to organic, clean, and well-sourced ingredients. Like coffee and chocolate, these two just make sense and complement each other so well. 

FOND’s architectural allure is immediately striking. Like an art piece that hangs in your favorite corner of the house, FOND beautifully displays a kaleidoscope of colours and textures that speak to its vibrant personality. At FOND, there is this  seamless blend of thoughtful design and a commitment to organic, wholesome ingredients. I found this space influenced my general sense and appreciation of well-being. Everything is carefully curated, high quality food and drink options, that can remind you of a holistic appreciation for nature  and healthy living.

As I sat snug, watching the world slowly awaken, I couldn’t help but appreciate their attention to detail as well, not only are they beautifully colour coordinated to fresh produce, they also thoughtfully placed blankets that are folded onto the seats offering a practical touch. 

But it’s the coffee that truly stole the show. Their house blend is crafted exclusively for FOND and their taste, roasted by Yaawk Coffee. This medium roast was exactly what I needed, it was made with so much love and good intention, presenting nutty and caramel undertones. My americano felt like the perfect morning experience before my day started, it was a cup with rich and indulgent flavours, satisfying on all levels. 

In a city filled with coffee spots, FOND is a true gem. It makes early winter mornings so worth it. 

This cozy and colourful boutique is a celebration of good coffee, good food, good people and wholesome experience leaving you feeling nourished, inspired, and eager to return.


First Place, 44 1st Ave, Linden, Johannesburg, 2195

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