Cafe Focus: Freshly Ground Coffee

Friday, 5 April, 2024

Words by Ayanda Dlamini

Images courtesy of Freshly Ground, unless otherwise stated.

Photo by Ayanda Dlamini

Freshly Ground Coffee emerged as a beacon of warmth and cultural significance on the vibrant Keys Avenue in Rosebank Johannesburg. 

The magnetic pull of Freshly Ground Café began with its name. Immediately it resonated with me as a fan of the South African band Freshlyground, renowned for their vibrant Afrofusion melodies and celebration of multilingualism and multiracialism. Encountering a café that bears a similar name sparked my curiosity. It felt like more than just a mere coincidence; it felt like a beckoning to explore a space that potentially echoed the same diverse and dynamic spirit that Freshlyground embodies in their music.

Much like the band, Freshly Ground Coffee is multidimensional, where different flavours, aromas, and languages blend seamlessly to create a rich experience. The café attracts a diverse array of people, each contributing to its lively atmosphere. The décor is vibrant with a strong artistic flair. The walls are adorned with vibrant murals that depict a Black Lady Liberty, cradling cups of coffee, alongside the slogan “Liberated by Coffee,”. 

As I settled into my seat, I took a moment to absorb the vibrant energy of the space, I found myself way too cozy in a corner and settled in with a contented sigh. I ordered my usual of late - a black Americano, this time accompanied by a side of cold milk to add a creamy touch to my afternoon ritual. I was served their house blend, crafted by Deluxe Coffeeworks, which is sourced from Guatemala, Tanzania, and Brazil. A very rich, smooth, and balanced coffee, it boasted notes of dark chocolate and cocoa. It served as the perfect source of warmth and comfort as the cooler weather is settling in at this time of the year. 

Photo by Ayanda Dlamini

In the same way that Freshlyground’s music transcends linguistic barriers, resonating with audiences around the world, Freshly Ground Cafe transcends boundaries by offering a culture and  space, where people from all walks of life can come together and connect over a shared love for great coffee and community.

I'm glad I followed my instinct. Both are reminders of the beauty and power of cultural fusion, in music and in the simple pleasure of taking yourself out for an afternoon cup of coffee. 

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