The best tiramisu ever?

Friday, 2 February, 2024

I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Every now and then I have a (very fussy & particular) craving for a good ice cream. I make a milk tart that I pull out at special occasions, that I also enjoy to eat. But sweets are never top of my list (give me fresh hot bread and real butter over chocolate any day!). 

But, when I was in Abu Dhabi recently, visiting one of our contestants in A Shot in the Dark (who eventually went on to come 2nd! Well done Peter!), I was posed with a patisserie cabinet of curated treats, the likes of which I had only seen on chef shows and Instagram. Laura Coffee & Bakery began in South Korea by the eponymous Laura, who had spent time studying in Paris and fell in live with patisserie culture. 

Beautiful Zambian pour over brewed by Peter to accompany our tiramisu!

SIDE NOTE: If you're in Cape Town, go visit Cafe Chiffon for dessert! Owner, Christine Hu, is also a tiramisu fan!

So I mean, how could I not? One of the options was a tiramisu in the shape of a coffee bean. CUTE! So it was almost like there was no choice. It was calling to me.

Oh. My. Goodness.

The texture. The flavour. The care and attention to detail. It honestly was the best tiramisu I've ever eaten. 

And now I'm forever cursed. Haunted by the best ever. Always hunting for that fix.

I tried to make a version at home. And look, it was delicious! But no where near the heights reached in Abu Dhabi. Specialty skills are not easily recreated! A good reminder for each of us as we drink our favourite coffees from our favourite cafes each day.

And then, I went down a bit of rabbit hole. Why has this one dessert captured my imagination so? Turns out I'm not alone! Far from it. The specialty coffee industry's original YouTube star, James Hoffmann has created a whole series around this coffee infused delicacy. It is enlightening and entertaining! And confirms my belief that I should leave it to the professionals!

Have fun!

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