Cafe Focus: The Strangers Club, Cape Town

Friday, 20 October, 2023

What a joy it is to walk into an established coffee shop and immediately understand that this is the regular hang out for almost all of the customers in the sprawling space.

Ironically, The Strangers Club, is filled with people who look right at home. And at the same time, a place where new people are meeting. We were sat at a table where quite a few people came to be introduced to 'Brad'. Brad was very popular. It was a pity for Brad if he came there to work, but also I'm sure the human connections were worthwhile, as always!

This beautiful, old house in Greenpoint, Cape Town has over the years been shaped into a welcoming, comfortable and bright space that zings with good vibes.

Even this backpack is quietly enjoying the ambience of the courtyard. Everyone is welcome.

With lots of white and natural wood, you start to feel a bit of zen when you walk through the doors, it does feel a shame to open a laptop.

The hospitality is anything but slow though, you can tell from the get-go that well-oiled systems are in place to keep the feeling of calm in the air for the customers. 

The brekkie bun and the open sandwich we had were both scrummy and the cortado using Cedar Coffee Milky Way Blend was smooth and tasty and served in a delightfully retro glass cup! Love it!

(Aside: Does 'flat white' in Cape Town mean 'I want it in a soup bowl' these days? Asking for a friend.)

The space is multipurpose and houses some beautiful retail brands and hosts workshops regularly.

And if a Tuesday morning was anything to go by, if you want to visit on the weekend, we highly recommend you book!

Step inside! And follow their Instagram for their next workshops and cool stuff in general!

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