New Kid on the Block: Dough Girl, Durban

Friday, 5 May, 2023

Find it here: 13 Gladys Mazibuko Road (Old Marriott Rd), Essenwood 4001

What an invitation from Dough Girl!

We have always loved the sassy style of this brand and we are super excited that they have spread their wings (you'll get this reference if you visit!) and opened up a full blown cafe. They used to have a charming whole in the wall outlet that pumped out delicious goodies and takeaways, but as they've expanded their wholesale baking supply, they were always going to outgrow it.

And what a way to do it! They have taken over an old Durban house with a classic wrap around porch and transformed it into a modern bakery and cafe.

A full menu of delightfully named dishes (ie 'Don't Mezze with me Platter') awaits for my next outing there, but on this particular early morning visit, we were only interested in coffee and pastries and they did not disappoint!

I'm so boring, and ordered a plain croissant, because, well I love a good plain croissant. And it was fantastic, honeycomb holes and buttery goodness.

Everything was beautifully presented and in the time that we sat there from 7.30 - 8.30, it got bustling and busy! So lovely to see that they're off to a solid start in their new home, no doubt their former takeaway fans will become their sitdown regulars!

Owner, Coutney Stuart, trained under Jackie Cameron and so has all the culinary chops needed to run a successful kitchen and we just love to see what their specials are each week on Instagram, the team sure knows how to get super creative! See the lavender, almond & white chocolate long John below for reference.

Onwards and upwards Courtney and team!

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