Tulip Coffee Roasting and On-Shore Bakery - Hermanus

Friday, 15 October, 2021

Walking into Tulip Coffee Bar in Hermanus is like visiting an old family friend's home. The people are friendly and familiar, the staff greet you like a long-lost relative, and everything looks like it’s been there forever - in exactly the right place and with exactly the right feel. If Hermanus is the quintessential Holiday town, then Tulip is the quintessential seaside coffee roastery. The locals have their “usual’ seats and their “usual” orders, and they chat over the newspaper or their latte, greeting friends and cajoling latecomers with hearty laughter.

The unmistakable facade of Tulip in Hermanus


But best of all… is the smell of the place! Freshly ground coffee from one end, and then as the breeze changes slightly, a gust of fresh baked confectionary from On-Shore bakery, situated under the same roof.

The flat white. So good!

We had a selection of milk based beverages, all using the house blend of Ethiopia, Guatemala and a touch of Malawi or Zambia. Deliciously rich and chocolatey, with a big body and a hint of natural caramel sweetness! Perfectly paired with a range of delectable treats from the kitchen, including croissants filled with sweet and savoury fillings and smashed avocado on sour dough bread with a poached egg on top. Yum!

I mean....right?!

The staff were incredible - very efficient with the orders and the requests from our little party. The food came out quickly and was so delicious. Best of all, we bought a few bags of coffee from the retail section which the staff recommended and ground to our requirements (cue in more delicious smells!)

A place that makes you feel like you belong there!

We chatted to Owner Justin Dods, who informed us about some exciting plans for Tulip in the future. They are expanding their operation by moving a few blocks down the road to a larger dedicated roastery premises, including a fully fledged training centre and a development programme for the unskilled people in Hermanus looking to empower themselves. Onshore Bakery will take over the existing site at 14 Hope street. So if you’re ever in Hermanus, pop into both for an amazing coffee experience and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet!

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