INNOVATION: New 100% recyclable packaging from Terbodore + Cold Brew in a Can

Friday, 22 January, 2021

While the stunning new range of packaging from Terbodore Coffee is so very pretty, that isn't the most amazing thing about it. The most amazing thing about it, is the fact that the bags are 100% recyclable. 

You can see the full super colourful range here.

This is quite a thing in the coffee world, as majority of coffee bags (while they might look like kraft on the outside) have either a foil or non-recyclable plastic lining on the inside of the bags to keep things fresh and stop any oils from destroying the bags. Only a handful of companies in SA have so far made the move to a bag with a plant-based plastic-like lining, as the cost is generally quite prohibitive. But the more it happens, the better the price point becomes for us down here on the Southern tip of Africa, so kudos to the companies that are charging forward.

We are still a bit bewildered that on-the-go cold coffee in cans has yet to really take off here. This is BIG business in South East Asian and US markets and with a steamy climate like ours, we thought the trend would make its way here faster. But it still hasn't quite caught on. Terbodore is a bit ahead of the curve in this regard. We have long been fans of their sparkling cold brew and look forward to when we can pair these delicious flavours with gin again ;) But just look how gorgeous the new cans are! A very stylish way to rock up with a six-pack indeed. Our current favourite flavour is the Honeybush and Orange. Yum!!!

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