Cafe of the Week: Lineage Coffee (New Location)

Thursday, 21 January, 2021

Lineage Coffee

Shop 11, Hillcrest Centre, Old Main Road, Hillcrest

The Lineage Team has settled in to their new location rather nicely! It is a warm and welcoming cafe and it was pumping, which is just so lovely to see in these trying times. The team was firing on all cylinders, going the extra mile to get the coffee to the people!

Craig Charity, Boss Man of Lineage, always has a few projects on the go (understatement!). We loved seeing his grinder on the counter (of his own design and build) and the new coffee tins they are using for their retail beans. They also have a LaMarzocco Linea 4-group machine sitting pretty on the counter (with a few Craig tweaks).

In the workshop in the back we got a peek at the vintage La Pavoni that he has been refurbishing and the Apollo Coffee Machine that will be installed this week at the Hillcrest Hospital ICU funded by donations from the community to help the ICU staff through this hugely stressful and busy time. Great initiative from Craig and the Lineage Team.

We sampled the Fingerprint Blend as a cortado and it was chocolatey, smooth and delicious. A comforting cup that keeps you wanting more!

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