New Kid on the Block: A secret treat in the Tokai forest

Friday, 17 July, 2020

With sitting inside cafes a little bit iffy at the moment in the current COVID way of life, we've never appreciated the safety of wide open spaces more and when we can get great coffee in the great outdoors, all the better!

At the edge of the Tokai forest, one such oasis has appeared. The beautiful Deluxe Coffeeworks trailer has found a temporary-permanent home while The Secret Forest Cafe puts down roots.

After the wild, stormy weather of the last few weeks, don't you just feel like you need to get out there?!

With freshly baked croissants every morning and incredible Deluxe coffee in the hopper, how can you go wrong? Go get active in the crisp, Winter air and explore the forest with some deliciousness in hand. PS. All furry friends are welcome, yay!

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