A Shot in the Dark 2020: Finalist Coffee Focus

Thursday, 4 June, 2020

We are very fortunate to have Specialty Coffee Exchange sponsor some delicious coffees for our A Shot in the dark Finalists.

This is the coffee that the roasters will submit as the single origin:

Bugoyi Fully Washed – Rwanda

Bugoyi Central Washing Station (CWS) is managed by our partner Baho Coffee. Baho employs strict quality controls from intake to drying to ensure the cleanest coffee possible. The high altitudes of 1,500 to 1,900 metres above sea level of the farms delivering to the station provide ideal growing conditions for high quality coffee. The altitude, along with the careful sorting and processing at Bugoyi CWS creates an excellent coffee that is clean, with a full body and expressive fruit notes.  

Bugoyi CWS

Bugoyi CWS sits on the shores of Lake Kivu. Its location is more than just picturesque. The winds blowing off the lake help to dry the coffee evenly. Baho Coffee purchased the station in 2016 and has already partnered with around 5,000 farmers in the surrounding area, a testament to their exceptional working standards. 

This is one of the coffees that the roasters will use to make a blend. The other is the original Guatemala from Sevenoaks Trading that was used for the preliminary round.

Blending CoffeeUganda Bugisu Sironko Carico

Location: Bugisu region along the Kenya border.  

Varietal: Arabica SL34

Soil type: Volcanic soils on the slopes of  

Mt. Elgon, in eastern Uganda.

Screen size: 15

Altitude: 1300-1900 MASL 

Harvest Period: August – February.

Processing: Washed 

This Direct trade partner takes pride in every step of the journey. We love the Characteristics and versatility of this coffee as it's a simple coffee to roast and more importantly a great coffee to blend with. With typical Ugandan Bugisu flavors of Citrus, sweetness and Earthiness this coffee can be roasted and enjoyed across most roast profiles and is enjoyable in most brew methods.

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