Make: A Chocolate Cookie Dalgona

Friday, 29 May, 2020

If you're stuck at home during lockdown without any access to fresh coffee or you've got some instant coffee lying around, then try using it in this creative recipe and learn how to make a simple Chocolate Cookie Dalgona.  Instant coffee is often quite bitter and generally doesn't taste great alone, hence a lot of people adding sugar and milk to it to make a hot beverage.  This recipe can be made hot or cold, as in the example here.

Watch Dale's video for the ingredients and the technique - it's really quite simple and a great way to use up that 'ol instant!

Da Vinci Chocolate Sauce x 15ml
Da Vinci Shortbread Syrup x 10ml
Instant Coffee x 2 tbsp
Sugar x 2 tbsp
Water x tbsp
Milk x 100ml
2 x cubes ice

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