The Minipresso: A coffee gadget worth keeping in your backpack

Thursday, 17 August, 2017
There's nothing quite like a good coffee after a morning surf. Depending on where you are on the coast, or how much time you have before work, sometimes you just can't get to your favourite local cafe for that fix. Well say hello to our little friend, the Minipresso GR.

The design is really nifty and after a few test shots in the office before taking it into the wild, the functionality was easy to figure out. Like putting together an espresso puzzle, so fun! It comes with a super helpful manual (yes, you may need to read the manual on this one!), but once you've done it a couple times it feels completely natural. 

We literally made it out the boot of the car. While still in wetsuits. No electricity, filter papers or even cup required (a cup is part of the design). This hand held coffee maker is really thoughtfully made. It takes about 6 or 7 pumps before the pressure has built up enough to produce liquid, so don't stress after the first few. Your pumping hand may need to build up some stamina, the two hand method works best for me, but that's about the only effort necessary.

The grind size that worked best for us is pretty fine, as you would grind for an espresso machine, but it's not necessary to compact the grinds, just a gentle tap with the back of the scoop. We used our travel hand-grinder for the freshest possible coffee and with the Costa Rican light roasted coffee we had, the Minipresso GR gave us a really impressive result, highlighting the sweetness in the coffee. It's not espresso in the traditional sense, it lacks that balance of depth and bitterness, but this is by no means a negative, it was delicious!

I am a creature of strange habits and my coffee rituals are pretty difficult to break, but I think that this little pocket rocket could make the grade for coffee on the road whether after a surf or pretty much anywhere, it's both effective and a lot of fun!

Prep: Boil your kettle and full up your flask before you leave home. Simple.

You can order your own here for only R1250
The pieces fit together like a very satisfying puzzle in which the result is great coffee!

We like that it was designed to stand with stability whichever way around you place it, top or bottom. While pouring the hot water into one compartment, the Minipresso can stand, not in danger of toppling over.
It is well made and feels sturdy and durable. There are no flimsy pieces or difficulty in screwing any of the pieces together.

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