Build Up to SCASA Nationals: Barista Competitor Khulekani Mpala

Monday, 13 March, 2017

Name: Khulekani Mpala
Region: Gauteng
Company: TriBeCa Coffee
Winner of Gauteng Regional Barista Champs

SCASA Nationals is being held at Hostex 2017 at the Gallagher Convention Centre.


What is it about coffee that gets you fired up?
The realisation that coffee is more than just a beverage. It's a way of life. In one simple morning hour coffee touches all spectra of society and gets it ticking.

What, to you, is the most exciting trend in coffee right now?
The use of different tools like the OCD and scales to get the best out of a coffee.

How do you drink your coffee?
I enjoy chemex, black.

What's the biggest challenge you face in the build up to Nationals?

TIME......... It seems to have stood still!!! Let's get on with it!!!

Why do you want to win this thing?
I am motivated by the vision I have of going to the World Championships and showing the world that as South African baristas, we are world class. (And I don't want to win. I NEED to win!!!)

What's your best tip for people trying to make better coffee at home?
Make sure your coffee is ground to suit your brewing method. If you don't have a grinder at home, tell your supplier what equipment you use so that they grind it to that size. That's where a lot of people miss it.

What and where is the best coffee you've tasted so far in 2017?
Piccolo latte at Woolworths Cafe Sandton. Sounds biased because I train them ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


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